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Batman: Arkham Origins has a permadeath mode named ‘I Am the Night’


“I am the night, and the night is full of terrors,” said Batman, famously. “Q.E.D., I am a terrorist.”

In honour of the iconic slice of impeccable logic, Warners Bros. Montreal have incorporated a permadeath mode by the same name into their Arkham sequel which sounds properly solid.

“The main narrative arc and side missions last about 12 hours and then you have all the collectibles,” producer Guillaume Voghel told Eurogamer at their expo. “To get 100 percent of that will take much, much longer. We have a new difficulty level, New Game Plus is coming pack – that’s really difficult – and when you’re done with that there’s I Am The Night mode, which is no saves and one life.”

Hum. Will it be fun, though? The permadeath games I’ve fallen in love with have all been procedurally generated. As a consequence, progression is abstract – measured in player approach, equipment and technique, not feet.

But perhaps that’s your sort of thing – choreographing your way through a single player campaign for the umpteenth time, heart thudding for a dozen hours on end?

Origins’ creative director is Eric Holmes, by the by, who made wanton destruction his thing working on Prototype and Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction at Radical. See how that translates into Batmanese at length below:

Ta, Polygon.