Batman: Arkham Origins technical issues will be fixed promises Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. released Arkham Origins onto the PC last week, and as players took to their crusade against Gotham’s corrupt and villainous, they started to discover an ensemble of irritating-to-game-breaking bugs and technical problems. From being locked in rooms to infinitely falling out of the world, players’ quest to take down Black Mask wasn’t going as smooth as could hoped. 

Thankfully Warner Bros. has acknowledged the problems in Arkham Origins, and has promised us all they’ll be erased quicker than Batman can put the Joker behind bars.

In a statement Warner Bros. addressed the major problems with Arkham and made it clear that they were working hard to issue fixes. These include falling on an endless loop, making it impossible to complete missions, unable to ‘Continue Story’ from the main menu, and FreeFlow Focus mode not unlocking in the upgrades tree.

A PC update has recently gone live, said to address these issues. “We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues,” Warner said.

I’ve been playing (and enjoying for the most part, despite the critical flak it’s received) Arkham City all week, and can indeed report the game is full of technical problems. These fixes don’t address the major problems I’ve encountered though, including a game-breaker where Batman gets locked in a room whilst completing an Enigma radio tower in Burnley and can’t climb out the vent provided. Late in the game I’ve also encountered horrific framerate drops, diving from 60fps right down to 15-20. Hopefully further patches will help solve these issues.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Update: Since this story was written, we can confirm that the patch applied today to Arkham Origins does address the Burnley radio tower. Players can now progress with the game unhindered, and will not be trapped in the radio tower when attempting this Enigma puzzle.