Batman Arkham Origins trailer confirms that some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb


A quick Bat-recap: Batman Arkham Origins is the prequel to Arkhamses Asylum and City, but no origin story – rather, say developers WB Montreal, it’s about the beginnings of the caped crusader’s relationship with certain key friends and foes. 

Developers who, you ask? Good question. Warner Brothers Montreal are a new outfit set up to relinquish control of the series from Rocksteady. But while they don’t have that Kentish Town developers’ credibility, they do have their modified Unreal engine, as well as the lead designer of Prototype.

Okay, I think they’re ready for us now. Are you ready?

Oh, one last thing. The villain you’re about to see matching Bat bish for bosh is Deathstroke, best distinguished from his twin brother Mildstroke by his really angry eyes. Okay, I think we’re prepped:

Altogether now: some days…