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Batman: Arkham Origins studio working on an open world game that isn’t Batman

Batman: Arkham Origins

Rocksteady announced Batman: Arkham Knight just as Warner Bros. Montreal were finished up DLC for Arkham Origins – and for a while there it looked like the two studios would tag-team the series. But that annualised future looks unlikely now: Rocksteady have revealed they’re done with Batman for good, and Montreal appear to be working on something else entirely.

Warner Bros. Montreal are hiring for an open world game built around a new intellectual property, Gamespot have spotted. Job descriptions mention an “open-world action game” that’s a “new IP project for next generation platforms”.

A new technical director will be working with the “scripting languages and design tools of the Unreal Engine” – which will mean UE4.

It’s possible that Montreal are working on more than one game – they built Lego Legends of Chima Online alongside Arkham Origins, and multi-million dollar investment from Quebec government has seen the studio expand.

It does seem impossible that Warner Bros. would let the Arkham series slip into the shadows, doesn’t it?