Battalion 1944 looks like COD with Doom’s strafing in a new alpha trailer


If you’ve purchased alpha access for Battalion 1944, you’ll be happy to know that it’s kicking off again on July 14. It looks like a completely different game to the last alpha, with loads of new details added to the Manor House map, as well as whole new areas, rooms, and cut-throughs. 

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One of the biggest changes is a decrease to movement speed, so players should skate and strafe along at a slightly more sedate pace. Don’t let the setting fool you: constant movement is key here, though the speed has been slightly rolled back because of community wishes.

If you do want to camp like a coward though, prone positions have been fixed so that you should no longer get into a situation where you can’t go prone because of scenery blocking you – your character model should just reposition.

Grenades should also now behave more logically, so you won’t throw one and end up with it bouncing right back at you when you’re stood miles away. That’s always a plus.

For the full patch notes head over to the official site. You can also get a look at the impressive improvements in the video above.