BattleBit to use FACEIT anti-cheat in bad news for Steam Deck

BattleBit Remastered developer SgtOkiDoki prefers FACEIT to Easy Anti-Cheat, but changing systems would make the game unplayable on the Steam Deck.

A low-poly person in military fatigues is center screen with desert environment surrounding them.

BattleBit, the low-poly Battlefield-competitor, has taken Steam by storm. With up to 254 players duking it out on destructible maps, the newly remastered FPS rekindles the sense of pure fun that’s been lost in many modern shooters. BattleBit is currently playable on Steam Deck, but that might change as developer SgtOkiDoki is keen to change from Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) to FACEIT, which doesn’t work with Linux.

BattleBit Remastered is currently running with Linux-friendly EAC, so Steam Deck users can happily blast away from the comfort of their sofa. But, according to a post on the Steam Deck subreddit, SgtOkiDoki is using this anti-cheat software “unwillingly”. It’s fair to say EAC isn’t the most popular system, and isn’t as robust as others at weeding out cheaters.

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BattleBit was initially supposed to roll out with FACEIT, but this system required “fine-tuning”, so the switch was made to EAC. It looks like that switch will only be temporary, with the developer stating, “this isn’t the end for FACEIT. We will investigate our options for FACEIT for the future.” Now, this might be good for the game in terms of cheaters, but it’s bad news for anyone playing on the Steam Deck, as FACEIT won’t work with SteamOS, and thus BattleBit will be unplayable on Valve’s handheld. Bummer.

In the unfortunate outcome BattleBit does move to FACEIT and you can no longer go ham with an RPG on 127 blocky enemies, you’ll have to find another game to scratch that itch. Why not check out our picks of the best Steam Deck games to get you started?