Battleborn’s Ghalt and Deande revealed, two story-central characters


Battleborn has a huge amount of playable characters – 25 in all – and two new have been revealed. Trevor Chalt and Deande are two central characters to the game’s story, with the respected military veteran Ghalt being the founder of the Battleborn team.

Battleborn is part MOBA, part Borderlands, with its arena-style multiplayer and co-op story campaign. Will it join its Gearbox cousin on our list of best co-op games?

Ghalt and Deande have been revealed on IGN, where it has been revealed that Ghalt is the first character to realise the threat that faces the universe in Battleborn. Deande is a stealth-focused assassin character, having worked as a Spymaster for 1000 years as part of the Jennerit Empire before it was overtaken by the game’s villain Lothar Rendain.

Playing as Ghalt, you’ll be looking to try and control enemy movements through “hook and trap” moves and then decimate them with dual-wielded revolver shotguns. Sounds pretty overkill to me.

Deande has the ability to create a realistic clone as a decoy and then use a stealth mode to move around undetected. Striking from stealth mode will unleash a knockback attack, while her ultimate ability is a ten-strike hit in a cone of effect.

Creative Director at Gearbox Randy Varnell has said that both characters will be unlocked late in the game as they have roles to play in the narrative first, and that works better if players are not embodying them. “We want you to encounter them first interacting with you about the story, then later you get to unlock them and make them your own. These are characters that are extremely central to the plot of the game,” he explained. The game will start with seven playable characters, and the remainder will unlock as you progress through the story.

Thanks, PC Gamer.