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Battleborn writer leaves Gearbox for an "awesome opportunity"


Zany, meme-tastic, fourth-wall-flirting comedy - love it or hate it, Gearbox have certainly developed a writing style all of their own. Which is all the more remarkable since they haven’t had a consistent voice - Borderlands scribe Anthony Burch left last year, and now Battleborn lead writer Aaron Linde has packed his bags. 

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Eyewitnesses were unable to confirm whether he slung his personal items over his shoulder with a quip and wink to camera, or whether the letters ‘AARON LINDE - THE WRITER’ were emblazoned across the screen during a suspended freeze frame.

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Linde announced his departure on Friday.

Linde has hopped between game writing roles over the past half a decade - working as a narrative design consultant on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, a lore and script assistant on Gears of War 3, and contributing to an unnamed project at Murdered: Soul Suspect’s Airtight Games before their closure.

Battleborn came out in early May, though between Doom and Overwatch you might have missed it. Gearbox pitched the Battleborn campaign as an interactive, episodic TV show - did any of you lot get stuck in for long enough to find out whether that worked?

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I think they're just good about the people they hire, they ensure that they understand the Gearbox philosophy of writing. And honestly, I think that writers need to do this to avoid burn out. They jump from project to project, finishing one and laying the groundwork for a new writer before moving onto something else. The only place that's really maintained an ongoing stable of writers is Obsidian, but that's because it's a writer-lead developer and they know what they need to actually keep every new project fresh.

People question some of Obsidian's choices for writing, but I get it. It's not just that they need commissions to make money between bigger games, but also that their writers need to work on something from the outside every now and then to prevent the aforementioned burnout.

Going by the quality of Alani's handling, though, I have complete faith in Sam Winkler who'll be taking over. Also, Winkler is a brilliant name.

Edit: Also, reading around about this I stumbled over the Twitter of the voice-actor of ISIC and Oscar-Mike.

I absolutely love how much personality and enthusiasm these guys have. No PR bullshit, just people happy to make awesome games. And I like playing awesome games!