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Meet Battleborn’s flat-headed big bad guy, Lothar Rendain


We already know Battleborn is a multi-character shooter from the creators of Borderlands. We also know it is not a game about being born in a battle. Additionally, we doubt there will be a wave defense mode where someone is giving birth and you have to protect the infant from angry midwife bots. Now I want that game, though.

With this new trailer comes a whole barrage of new details about the game’s antagonist. Firstly, he has a flat head and a really long chin. Secondly, one of his arms is quite a bit longer than the other, which must make buying a suit a right pain in the arse. Lastly, he thinks he’s pretty funny, like some idiot videogames writers.

He doesn’t come across as good as Handsome Jack in the trailer, that’s for sure, but we have only had a taste of old flat head. Have a look for yourself:

It does sound like he’ll be fleshed out a bit more in the game, however. Here’s the official blurb: “An epic science-fantasy story is only as good as its villain, and Gearbox has a strong pedigree of creating memorable, misunderstood villains that players love to hate.

“Rendain is one such villain, and while this thoughtful tyrant is dedicated to his cause, he thinks that what he’s doing is for a good reason, and that reason isn’t entirely selfish. And of course, staying true to the studio’s way of telling stories, even Battleborn’s bad guy is infused with Gearbox’s trademark humour.”

You’ll be able to find out if he’s Handsome Jack of Random Cack when you play the Story Mode after the launch on February 9, 2016.