Battlefield 1’s free map, Giant’s Shadow, lets you shoot a train with a crossbow on Dec 20

Battlefield 1 Giant's Shadow

Battlefield 1’s first free map is out in just over a week, releasing as a chunk of DLC for all owners of DICE’s WW1 shooter. Being super authentic, it lets you fire a grenade out of a crossbow… at a train. Just like in the real war. 

It’s a different conflict, but we have a good list of the best WW2 games.

Giant’s Shadow seems to be based on a map from the campaign, Through the Mud and Blood, which will probably make people angry. It is free, though, so remember that. Work would have still gone into plonking down cover, choosing where the capture points are placed and plenty more, so it’s not really cut content.

Either way, the map sees a downed blimp dominate the battlefield’s horizon, hence the name, Giant’s Shadow. You can even jump on the felled beast’s gun emplacements and cut down anyone running uphill towards you.

Through the carcass of this downed ship there’s a train track where an armoured train can cut through. Luckily, you can use that aforementioned crossbow and send it on a one-way trips straight to Grenade City. Check it out in the trailer above.

Giant’s Shadow will be available to download from December 20.

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