Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality has gone standalone with patch 1.3

Project Reality Bf2

In the next iteration of the popular Battlefield 2 mod: Project Reality, the team of modders behind it have made their creation a standalone product, no longer requiring Battlefield 2 in order to play it.

“With EA ceasing support of Battlefield 2 and removing it from online stores, the unavailability of the game has proven difficult for new players. Therefore, with PR:BF2 v1.3, it is no longer a requirement to have Battlefield 2 installed.”

As well as making it a standalone mod, Project Reality 1.3 also adds a slew of new features and tweaks.

  • Added PR:BF2 standalone – Battlefield 2 is no longer required.
  • Added PRISM server administration tool.
  • Added Nuijamaa map (2km) (FR vs RU) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Added deployable roadblocks.
  • Added Canadian CH-146 Griffon light transport helicopter.
  • Added Chinese ZTZ-99A2 main battle tank.
  • Added AKM & AKMS assault rifles to multiple unconventional factions.
  • Updated vehicle smoke to be more effective and to feature IR-blocking functionality on some vehicles.
  • Updated AK-74 recoil animations.
  • Updated physics on several helicopters.
  • Updated infantry movement speed with faster sighted-in movement.
  • Updated heavy asset respawn times to be at least 20 minutes instead of 15.
  • Updated UAV to now have a fuel system.
  • Fixed many bugs and performance issues.

If you want to find out more about Project Reality, jump on over to their official page.