DICE open up Battlefield 4 PC test servers to premium console players

Battlefield 4

The amateur QA team for one of the best PC games of 2013 just got an awful lot bigger. DICE have granted premium Battlefield 4 players from all platforms access to the game’s community test environment – whether or not they own a copy of the game on PC.

If you own Battlefield 4 Premium on Xbox One, 360, PS4 or PS3, you’ll want to associate your copy with anEA Origin account. From there, you can now download and install the CTE client directly from Origin.

PC players subscribed to Battlefield 4’s premium service have had access to the test servers for yonks now – but there’s still no equivalent environment on the consoles.

What does the change mean for us? First of all, a sudden rush of new players still adapting to the quirks of Battlefield 4’s WASD and mouse set-up – a sort of impromptu double XP weekend for experienced CTE players.

But beyond that, we can hope the influx of new testers will improve the quality and frequency of future patches for Battlefield 4. DICE LA launched the CTE in May to pull in real-time feedback for upcoming updates and DLC – and it looks like they’ll be getting a lot more of that.

The game’s next expansion, Battlefield 4: Final Stand, was made available in the CTE two weeks ago. Expect rail guns, decoy gadgets, and a strong, snowy whiff of 2142.

Are you still playing Battlefield?

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