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Battlefield Hardline is coming out on October 21, doesn’t feature much actual policing

Battlefield Hardline: aviator shades are standard issue for Miami cops.

Forget your bobbies walking the beat. Instead think hip hop beats. Think those slow-mo headshot scenes that single player FPS campaigns all seem to trade in nowadays. Think bank heists going entertainingly wrong, as they can be relied upon to do. Think landing helicopters the only way Battlefield players know how – explosively, at speed.

That’s Battlefield Hardline, the way this trailer paints it.

It’s flashes of Miami detective protagonist Nick Mendoza’s alarmed face we’ve just been enjoying, and his single player campaign that seems to get the majority of screentime.

Designed by Dead Space lot Visceral, the campaign constitutes a cross-country quest for revenge against Mendoza’s former partners. It does not, one suspects, involve an awful lot of conventional law-upholding. The police brutality in the trailer above presumably relates to Mendoza’s “personal struggle” between his inner cop and con.

There’ll be an episodic structure plucked from the TV, alongside a cast drawn in part from Justified and House of Cards.

The plan is to allow players a range of playstyles we’re not especially used to in Battlefield, and to “revitalise” the series’ single player. Do you think Visceral will manage that?

We’ll see plenty more of Battlefield Hardline at EA’s pre-E3 thing on June 9. Monday!

Cheers, Joystiq.