Battlefield Hardline lets you kill people with a sofa

Battlefield Hardline sofa

Battlefield is well known for peppering its maps with a few easter eggs, and it looks like the YouTube community have already discovered Battlefield Hardline’s. It’s a driveable sofa. That’s right; a two-seater couch in fetching fabric that you can speed around in and use to crush enemy players beneath its feet.

You can see the speedy settee in this YouTube video from JackFrags, where it’s being driven around the Dust Bowl map in a game of Hotwire. The sofa – called ‘Merica on the HUD when used for a road kill – is exceptionally fast, but completely weaponless. Thankfully anyone riding shotgun and scoot over and lean on the arms for a wider angle of fire.

I’d love to think this is the famous sofa that so many of the Barksdale clan hung out on in The Wire.

Battlefield Hardline releases on PC next week. If you’re subscribed to the Xbox One EA Access service, a 10 hour trial is available there.

Thanks, PC Gamer.