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EA shut down Battlefield multiplayer restoration project The Revive Network

Battlefield Heroes

The Revive Network has shut down its service. The team, which most recently provided restored multiplayer to Battlefield Heroes, has disabled all downloads and closed its website.

Here's a list of some of the best classic PC games.

The Revive Network, which has been active for about three and half years, and aimed to restore multiplayer to games that had had their online components closed after Gamespy, a multiplayer ‘middleman’ service, closed in 2014. Most notably, those included Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142.

In a statement, the team say “Electronic Arts Inc.'s legal team has contacted us and nicely asked us to stop distributing and using their intellectual property. As diehard fans of the franchise, we will respect these stipulations.”

In the end, 939,000 players had registered Revive Network accounts before the service was shutdown. As part of that shutdown, all file downloads have been disabled.

The team close their statement by thanking the team members who have worked on the service, as well as “every single player that helped make all of this a reality.” You can read the full statement, including the takedown notice issued by EA, here.

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SkankwOn avatar[GM] SocietyX avatarFatalError3141 avatar
SkankwOn Avatar
5 Months ago

I've been playing BF2 via Revive with my son. My son has now just learned why everyone hates EA!

Worst publisher ever accolade confirmed.

FatalError3141 Avatar
5 Months ago

Just found this out today, seriously hate EA now more than ever.

EA don't even care about these games anymore, the PLAYERS still do, they won't do anything with them, not the way for your consumer to LIKE YOU!

They could have made some money out of it by doing the same as The Revive Network.


[GM] SocietyX Avatar
5 Months ago

Much as this sucks for those fans.. I can't say it's unfair of EA to not want some random company using their IP.