DICE is giving away loads of free Battlefield 1 DLC in the lead up to Battlefield 5

road to battlefield 5

Battlefield V is coming soon, and historically such means it’s nearly time to say goodbye to the previous game in preparation for the new. But EA and DICE plan to keep the previous Battlefield games well-populated by giving away all the previous DLC. Every expansion for both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 will be free leading up to the new game, but you’ll have to keep up with calendar to claim them.

Right now, the giveaways are Turning Tides for Battlefield 1 and Second Assault for Battlefield 4, both of which are yours to claim until July 17. Each expansion adds new maps, weapons, vehicles, and modes to expand the offerings in their respective games.

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These giveaways follow up on previous expansion freebies, and EA says “players may still get the chance to claim them again in the future.” The use of “may” is suspicious, but it seems you’re meant to stay tuned to the official site for further info – though free stuff is a compelling enough reward for hanging onto a clever marketing ploy.

This “Road to Battlefield V” promotion also includes a number of weekly rewards in Battlefield 1, with items like weapon and equipment skins, and some of those will also give you new gear when the new game hits. Two Special Soldier Sets with unique sets of skins in BF5 will be available exclusively through this promotion.

The Battlefield 5 release date is set for this October, though it’s staggered across three separate releases. If you’re eagerly anticipating any of those dates, though, you may want to hop back into some older Battlefields for some fresh add-ons leading up to the new game.