Battlefield 5’s fortification system will let you tow AA guns across the map

battlefield v fortifications

EA has lifted the veil from Battlefield V at last. One of the biggest changes to come in the next entry in the long-running shooter series is the new fortifications system, which lets you construct emplacements to help turn the tide of battle in your favour.

You’ll be able to build a wide variety of structures, including concrete tank stoppers, razor wire, sandbags, trenches, and foxholes. You’ll also be able to repair and and rebuild destroyed buildings to serve as defensive points or bases of operations. Everyone is able to build these structures but the Builder class is more efficient than everyone else – so pick that one if you’re looking to bolster the team’s defences.

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Emplacements aren’t necessarily stationary either, as you can rearrange big weapons like machine and AA guns into your constructed forts. You can even go so far as to hook one of those big guns up to a tank or truck, and drag it around the battlefield for a makeshift mobile weapon.

Battlefield’s always been known for its world destruction, but now we’ve got some creation to go along with all that – it’s about time. You can find out more from our first-hand impressions at the Battlefield V reveal. The full game is scheduled to release October 19.