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Every weapon and vehicle in the Battlefield 5 trailer

battlefield v fortifications

Battlefield V is going to be jam-packed with all sorts of period-authentic weapons, vehicles, and military equipment. It’s safe to assume this as DICE has a proud history of providing a huge arsenal to their players but we can do better as there’s proof that their latest stockpile won’t be bucking that trend. While DICE has yet to formally reveal the game’s equipment list – we can see at least 30 different items being used in the Battlefield V reveal trailer. 

Yes, we’ve scoured the trailer with our beady eyes and found 30 different weapons and vehicles being used in battle. There’s likely a few we didn’t spot, too. Intrigued to know what they all are? Let our Battlefield V weapons guide be your quartermaster. 

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You’re going to want to hover over the pause button because this equipment comes in thick and fast.

The trailer gets started at 16 seconds in, where the corpse of a soldier is seen to have two Mk2 grenades attached to his jacket.

At 0:17, three soldiers dismount what appears to be a Churchill tank, all equipped with M1928A1 variants of the Thompson submachine gun. Each Thompson has its own configuration: one has a Cutts compensator, and another has a forward grip, demonstrating the customisation system. At 0:20 you can also see that one of the soldiers has a hatchet strapped to his back, indicating melee makes a return from Battlefield 1.

Inside the house, you can see an StG 44 dropped by the first German soldier killed by the squad at 0:21, and an MP 40 dropped by the soldier tumbling down the stairs at 0:27.

As the action moves to the first floor, you can spot a katana sword on the back of the soldier at 0:36. He’s also weilding a Bren LMG; look closely and you can see that it’s the MK 1 variant thanks to the longer cocking handle. As he looks out the window at 0:37 we see a duo of British Churchill tanks rolling towards the house.

Back on the ground at 0:43, Battlefield V’s one-armed hero is using a scoped Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle to shoot a German soldier armed with a Panzerschreck rocket launcher. She then jumps on a SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad half-track vehicle at 0:49, driven by a squadmate. Interestingly, the Kettenkrad is decorated with the American white five-pointed star, despite being a German vehicle, which is probably the result of the vehicle customisation options.

As the Kettenkran speeds into battle it passes a Valentine tank at 0:53, which is towing a FlaK 38 anti-aircraft gun. In Battlefield V you can hook emplaced weapons like field guns to tanks and redeploy them elsewhere on the map, so this demonstrates the new mechanic in action. As the heroes move further up the field we spot the iconic German Tiger tank at 0:57.

Battlefield V tank

The situation gets increasingly chaotic as a burning Opel Blitz truck falls from the sky at 1:02. This is followed up seconds later by a Messerschmitt Bf 109 violently crashing to the ground. German soldiers run to the scene at 1:11, armed with StG 44s and MP 40s. They’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, though, as a Volkswagen Kübelwagen falls and crushes one of the soldiers at 1:13.

At 1:16 the action ramps up as the player character picks up a German MG 42. In the same area a 7.5cm Pak 40 field gun can be seen, and at 1:19 a soldier with a PIAT anti-tank weapon on their back is crouched by some sandbags.

At 1:26, the player character runs out into a open field area, where a plane speeds overhead. It’s visible for just a second, but it appears to be a Junkers Ju 87, AKA the Stuka divebomber. In the distance on the left of the frame is a tank, which could potentially be either a BritishCruiser or a Comet, or a German Panzer. As the camera pans to the right there is also a self-propelled gun with a stubby cannon and huge, angular front shield – this is the mighty Sturmtiger.

A Spitfire adorned in RAF symbols screams overhead at 1:29, and as the camera pans further to the right a soldier with a Sten Mk2 submachine gun runs in at 1:31. He grabs a German Stielhandgranate and hurls it away, just before a Messerschmitt crashes into the battlefield and the victorious Spitfire circles back around.

After scrambling up the hill we get a glimpse of a Panzer IV, although the engulfing explosion conceals most of it. An allied player is killed, dropping a non-scoped Enfield rifle at 1:42. The player swaps to a P38 pistol at this time, too.

Battlefield V bomber

The camera tilts back up to the skies once more to reveal a Bristol Blenheim bomber at 1:47. This plane has been seen in the game’s artwork, equipped with four forward-mounted guns, suggesting it is the Mk IF variant. Shortly after the Blenheim flies over a V1 rocket crashes to the ground, causing a colossal explosion. The V1 has been confirmed to be a special unlock in the game, potentially acting like a Call of Duty scorestreak.

In the final seconds of the trailer, the British woman with the prosthetic arm beats an enemy soldier to death with a cricket bat wrapped with a metal chain, indicating that some of the weapons will have a ramshackle, thrown together feel.

And that’s every piece of equipment we’ve spotted so far. With E3 just weeks away there will no doubt be more revealed when DICE lets people go hands-on with the game. Have a read of our impressions from yesterday’s Battlefield V event and for even more information about how you’ll be using these weapons and vehicles, our Battlefield V guide has the full details.

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