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Battlefield 2142 easter egg bobs about aimlessly in Battlefield 3: End Game


Battlefield 2142 was DICE’s foray into sci-fi that wasn’t Mirror’s Edge – a mech-bothering spinoff that made its home a second ice age, and the EU one of its warring factions. Six years and five Battlefield games later, it’s been all but buried beneath the rubble of modern warfare. But it’s not forgotten, if we’re to heed a conspicuous white drone in new Battlefield 3 DLC End Game.

The miniature dropship in the above video hovers around Kharg Island like a blind wasp, and bears the logo of one of 2142’s factions.

Easter eggs are ace, but let’s be totally clear here: this drone doesn’t say anything as explicit as “Battlefield 2143 lives”. What it does do is mutely indicate that DICE still think about a sci-fi Battlefield from time to time. Whether that’ll ever crescendo as anything other than water cooler nostalgia in Stockholm isn’t a question our mute, bobbing friend can answer.

Battlefield 2143 is the sequel that every thirtieth person in a Battlefield 4-related comment thread is asking for. Are you that guy?

Thanks, Gameranx.