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Battlefield 3 Aftermath fly through video shows off Epicentre map


DICE build breathtaking maps, Battlefield is full of them; from Damavand Peak, which has the attacking team skydive into the defender’s base, to Bandar Desert, the vast 5km map is the largest in the game’s history. So when DICE provide fly throughs of their maps, like they did with Alborz Mountains, they’re welcome on this site.

Taken from the rubble of Battlefield’s Youtube Channel:

Epicentre is clearly going to be a map of variation, tight corridors and open sniper fields. It’s taking something of the Close Quarters twitch shooting and the openness of Armored Kill but bringing back the verticality of Damavand, what does that all mean? No one sort of player should have anadvantage. Snipers will have to face each other above the streets and soldiers will be tussling for control of the tunnels.

More of these levels please DICE.

Paul’s played the Aftermath DLC and you can read about it here.