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Battlefield 3: Aftermath trailer shakes things up

With Armored Kill out of the garage, DICE are spooling up the next pack of Battlefield 3 DLC. The teaser trailer for the upcoming Aftermath pack reveals something of what we can expect, including a shift to an urban setting.

Earthquakes. Urban warfare. New levels. New game modes. Yes, yes, and yes again.

If that building topple is looking familiar it's because DICE are trying to tie this DLC's levels into the main story a little more. Though they're not saying how this is going to play out just yet.

DICE have made the smart decision of focusing each of their DLCs on a new theme or function: Back to Kharkand was bringing the favoured old maps into a new engine, Close Quarters showed off the power of the Frostbyte 2 engine when it can devote all its power to rendering a small level, Armored Kill pleased the fans of the vast open spaces, and now Aftermath looks to be bringing the fight back into the city.

There's a number of levels in Battlefield 3 that already revolve around inner city violence - Metro stands out in my mind but also Tehran Highway and Grand Bazaar - so DICE will need to bring something new to the table with these four maps. Hopefully that new game mode will be something jazzy.

So, bringing that pressure of combat into the inner city, eh?

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