Battlefield 3: End Game sees return of Air Superiority mode


DICE have been doing well on using their DLC packs to add features to Battlefield 3 that were oddly absent in the vanilla release despite being present in their older games. There was the Back to Kharkand map pack that brought old maps into the new engine and now we learn that the final DLC release for Battlefield 3, End Game, will bring back the Air Superiority and Capture the Flag game modes that were playable in Battlefield 1943.

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The news was broken to Battlefield 3’s Premium subscribers earlier today. Though,wily Shagg_187 of the NeoGaf forums took a screenshot of the news and posted it to the site.

Capture the Flag is the classic game type that’s appeared in almost every shooter since the dawn of time; teams fight to grab a flag from the enemy’s base and return it to their own flag-base to score.

Air Superiority was a game mode to the Battlefield series in the console-only gameBattlefield 1943. The aim of Air Superiority is simple, kill the enemy team until their ticket count reaches zero (while avoiding letting your team’s own ticket count sink to the dreaded nought). Both team’s spawns are locked to aircraft carriers on opposite sides of a map, leaving the carrier in anything other than an aircraft will result in your swift demise. Essentially, within minutes of the game beginning, the sky fills with every sort of jet and helicopter the game has to offer, all blasting each other to kingdom come. It’s quite the thing.

Along with these returning game modes are four new maps and three new vehicles. One of these is the dirt bike, as seen in this video, and another is the dropship.

The dirt bike allows two players to quickly scoot across the maps, flanking the enemy and reaching the flag. They lookmighty week though so don’t expect to win any head-onfire fights.

The transport is an interesting prospect. Able to carry a squad of infantry, the main draw of the transport over the Black Hawk is it’s ability to airlift a light vehicle.

End Game is due out for release this coming March. From there on out we should start to hear a little more about Battlefield 4.