Battlefield 3 generates 1TB of data per day; other silly numbers collected by EA


Whenever a developer/publisher/alien releases information about the number of players killed in multiplayer since launch, or the combined weight of all the bullets fired, or how many castles the number of princesses saved would staff, I’m made unreasonably happy. The only way to increase that happiness is to present that information in the form of an infographic. Today EA and DICE have made me very happy.

From tracking more than 50 different data points in Battlefield 3, EA have collected together the information below for our enjoyment.

Want to hear something ridiculous? Every 15 minutes, Battlefield 3 players throw more than3.9 million grenades, blow up over648,000 vehicles, and set off24 million explosions. Every 15 minutes. It’s no wonder that EA source more than a terabyte worth of data every day.

This isn’t just the PC players, mind. Rather it’s data collected from across the 200 million collective console and PC players. Still, big numbers.

The story was picked up by VentureBeat who were sitting onchief technology officer at EARajat Taneja’s talk yesterday’sMorgan Stanley technology conference.

There’s nothing we can really do with this news except draw in a slow breath of astonishment, maybe even say woah (quietly, to ourselves, and with the lights off).