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Battlefield 3 machinima ‘Moments’ captures the best of the game and makes it clear why DICE need to start supporting free cam

Battlefield 3

Taking a week to film, a new Battlefield 3 machinima aims to capture something of a Battlefield moment – when you do something incredibly awesome, heck, almost accidentally. It shows off the diligence of the fans but also makes me ache to see what could be made if DICE fully supported their community.

PC Gamer spotted this fellow stashed away on director Robert Stoneman’s Youtube channel:

It just looks ridiculously good.

In the video’s description Stoneman writes (in the third-person): “‘Moments’ is inspired by the regular users who have created videos showing their awesome in-game Battlefield 3 Moments. Filmed in 1 week using 15 extras this explosive action cinematic from Robert Stoneman the maker of Battlefield 3 Machinima ‘ONE’ cinematically recreates some of the best Battlefield 3 Moments out there! from the seemingly impossible dog fights to kick-ass killing streaks! it has to be seen to be believed.”

If only, then. DICE released a spectator mode and free cam for the game so players could more easily make these movies. And, c’mon, mod support while we’re at it.