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Battlefield 3 no colour grading option to be enabled by DICE in next update


Lately, unofficial Battlefield mods have stripped the game of its miserable blue/grey hue, prompting a hilariously draconian response from DICE, who deemed this new version of their game “too colourful”. Less hilarious have been the threats of permanent bans and very real kicks aimed at those who’ve dared to use them.

So: funny thing, this. In Battlefield 3’s next game client update, DICE are adding the option to disable colour grading via a console command.

“We believe that turning it off gives no major competitive advantage/disadvantage,” said DICE’s Mikael Kalms over at Mordor HQ, though he hardly recommends it.

“IRNV scope and a few others which turn the image into greyscale or greenscale don’t work properly without color grading and will look real ugly.”

Don’t mistake this for official support: there will be no in-game UI for turning it on or off, and the developers are “unlikely to handle support questions and bug reports regarding stuff that happens when colour grading is disabled”.

Have you played Battlefield minus its drab sheen? Was caution justified, or have DICE handled this whole affair like a bunch of sillies?