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Battlefield 3’s Battlelog now lets you copy players’ loadouts


A recent update to Battlefield 3’s Battlelog browser adds a small feature but a useful one. “Loudout” lets you inspect the equipment other players are kitting out their different classes in. At the click of a button you can copy their build and try it out for yourself. And because the option is built into the Battlelog you can do it from any device that can access a browser.

I gave it a spin and found that our dear editor Tim – who spends much of his time as a sneaky sniper (and in the game) – I can scan through his builds, learning that whilst much of his time is as the sniper class he doesn’t actually use a scoped rifle but an unscoped semi-automatic rifle with a tactical light. Yes, he’s one of those blighters who busy themselves about in the middle of the map pegging in and out of dark places, flashing you, and then taking advantage of you whilst you’re vulnerable. At the click of a button I can copy his build to my own Recon and give it a go for myself.

It doesn’t have to be your friends either. So long as you have a name you can access any player’s profile and look through their things. Though, I’m no sure how useful loadout copying may end up being in the long run. The real use of the thing, I think, lies in the ability to change your loadout on the move. I can be on the tube and building up a new class to play with when I get home. Still, we’re still waiting on a spectator mode (and there are a few other features we’d like to see in the future, too).