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Battlefield 4 campaign plot revealed by EA; Chinese villains confirmed


EA have posted on their blog today the plot details for Battlefield 4’s campaign mode. But rather than post a little back-of-the-box style blurb, they’ve written what seems to be the entire story. We won’t be such poor sports here, but basically you’ll be playing as Sergeant Daniel Recker as he shoots lots of Chinese army men. 

If you really need to know why Recker has to unload on the Chinese armed forces, feel free to head over to the EA blog and read the lengthy, spoiler-filled post there. I guess with that knowledge in hand you can happily jump straight into the multiplayer when the game comes out in October without worrying about missing out on much. The blog also contains some renders of team mates PAC and IRISH, who predictably look astonishingly life-like.

If you want a bit more of a tease, know that Recker is a member of elite squad ‘Tombstone’, who go around gathering intel on bad people. Also killing people, I expect. Some bad things happen to Tombstone squad, and it turns out these bad things are all part of some sneaky goings on conducted by the Chinese.

Sounds like pretty standard modern warfare, then. There’s nothing to suggest Battlefield 4 might offer up the kind of commentary that Spec Ops: The Line did, but at least the campaign will look absolutely delicious. Just check out those planes.

Thanks, VG247