Battlefield 4 demonstrates weapon customisation in quietest trailer ever


I’ve started to instinctively turn my speakers down everytime I click play on a Battlefield 4 video due to the sheer amount of explosions, bullet cracks and dubstep theme tune blaring out each one of them. DICE’s latest hype effort took me by surprise though: not one single sound. The silent video may not embed us in a warzone, but it does show off some examples of BF4’s deep customisation systems. 

The Battlefield Blog has a great post explaining some of the new additions, the most prominent being the revelation that a single assault rifle in the game has 240,000 different potential combinations of accessories and upgrades. A detailed stats screen in the interface will demonstrate the impact each change will have on your chosen weapon.

Among the crate-loads of new weapons and tech (reportedly three times more than Battlefield 3), some interesting amendments have been made to sniper rifles. Sharp shooters will now be able to zero-in their scopes to help overcome bullet drop, calibrating distance to target in 200, 500 and 1,000 meter intervals. A new 40x zoom scope will allow ultra-long distance headshotting for the most skilled snipers, and a new 2x magnifier can be added to 1x scopes to allow on-the-fly adjustments to optics.

Also explained are Battle Pickups, which are set to introduce more strategic weapon moments in matches. Weapons specific to certain tactics will be available to pick-up during games, regardless of your class. The example provided is that of a sniper rifle left on the roof of a building, that emphasises the value in finding an area of sight vantage and using that to help quell the enemy. It demonstrates to players not taking the recon role the benefits of being a sniper, and will hopefully lead to a more varied use of tactics.

Thanks, VG247.