Battlefield 4 footage shows game running in Ultra settings. Also, how not to fly a helicopter


You wouldn’t think that a helicopter would need a ‘This way up’ arrow emblazoned on the side but, seeing how one battlefielder manages to fly it into the ground tail first in the footage below, it may be necessary.

That only makes up a second or so of the footage. The rest shows knifing, shooting, exploding, running, crouching, and general mayhem, all running on Battlefield 4’s Ultra settings.

Despite all the talk of graphical updates between Battlefield 3 and 4, it looks much the same when it comes to the multiplayer footage we’ve seen so far. The main difference seems to be in the amount of debris and screen clutter you can generate in the new maps – dust fills the air around collapsed buildings, for instance.

Still, the major changes aren’t on show in the video above, the newly dynamic maps. We don’t see any of the skyscrapers topple in that footage, simply the remnants after they’ve already collapsed.

Battlefield 4 is due out around October later this year.