Battlefield 4: Naval Strike’s four maps will look like this, if you squint a bit

A submarine, likely aboard one of the carriers that become objectives in Wave Breaker.

Naval Strike is the name of Battlefield 4’s next round of maps – the conveyor belt for which has started rolling at full speed again now DICE have made a concerted effort to tackle the game’s myriad bugs.

Its headline feature is a new Carrier Assault mode DICE have been telling everyone is an explicit tribute to Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode. There’s one image of that, and three others, below.

I’m afraid they’re a bit blurry and abstract – if it helps, imagine they’re taken by a recon drone. Post-modern warfare, innit.

Say hello to Lost Islands:

Here’s Operation Mortar:

This one’s Nansha Strike:

And finally, Wave Breaker – almost certainly the South Chinese Sea setting for Carrier Assault mode:

“The differences in setting and time period do make Carrier Assault a fresh experience,” said DICE’s Gustav Halling of the map. “Our goal has been to make Carrier Assault a really engaging game mode, and we truly believe the amount of variety present each round will assure this.

“You start out fighting a big-scale war with sea, land, and air vehicles controlling the map, and then everything evolves into an infantry-focused, close quarter fight inside both carriers at the same time!”

Are memories of Titan mode enough to merit a purchase here? Or are Titanfalls more your thing these days?

Cheers to VG247 and Reddit.