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Battlefield 4 Premium ad sells future DLC on promise of shields, drones and train crashes

DICE have not yet mentioned trains in relation to Dragons Teeth, nor how they might function.

Battlefield 4’s next expansion is named Dragon’s Teeth, after its two-handed ballistic shields – the dirty great lizard molars players will be hiding behind once it’s released.

DICE are convinced the shields will irrecoverably change the dynamics of the game, and they may well do – but they’re hardly the most exciting feature in upcoming Battlefield DLC. Instead, we bring you bullet trains crashing into tanks and tiny drones drifting at head-height through forests.

At 0:33 in the Battlefield Premium advert below, a speeding train careers into a tank, thoroughly exploding it against a nearby metal post. And just a couple of seconds later, an unmanned hunk of metal flies through the woods, spewing bullets like they’ve gone off.

The drone will feature in Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC, of which we know very little. But it looks like the train will appear sooner, on one of Dragon’s Teeth’s four new maps – Lumpini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon.

All four are set in Asian cities – marking a conscious return to urban warfare after a brief sojourn to the countryside in recent Battlefield DLC.

Levelution in Sunken Dragon means draining a lake to make room for a frontal vehicle assault, with the firefights of its high rises as your backdrop. Lumpini Garden will plant players on fast-moving PWCs in its canals, but is otherwise an infantry-led map affair.

Pearl Market will split fighting between “bustling” alleyways and open rooftops – and Propaganda takes huge monuments of despots as its cover. DICE are leaving us to work out precisely which Asian city the latter is based on.

Are you tempted by any of the new hijinks or doohickies on offer? Or did Battlefield 4 lose you long ago?

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