Battlefield 4 sneakily announced via Medal of Honor preorder incentives


When a game is announced, there’s usually all sorts of fanfare; reveal trailers, CGI coming out of nostrils and ear canals, and all sorts of bombastic promotional imagery. If we’re lucky there’s even a hands on preview or two. Battlefield 4 is being afforded no such decadence. Instead, it’s a footnote in Medal of Honor’s marketing campaign. Pre-order Warfighter, the silliest suffix in FPS titling, and you’ll get access to the Battlefield 4 beta. Which means there is a Battlefield 4. Fancy that.

Only those with access to the US version of the Origin store can see the advert, but it’s likely that the incentive will carry over to over versions of the game, if only because EA doesn’t want everyone getting fed up that region exclusivity on the internet was redundant to begin with, and is now just insulting. Beyond that, there are no other details. It’s detailless, just a smooth surface with the words ‘Battlefield’ and ‘4’ embossed on it in a giant mural. That said, it would make a certain sense to have it come out next Christmas, as Medal of Honor will be on an ‘off’ year.
Warfighter, though, will be out in October, when you will be able to shoot men once again from the first person perspective in the Frostbite 2 engine.

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