Battlefield 4 trailer shows total war en Francais


I need to brush off my French dictionary again. The latest Battlefield 4 trailer has only been released to the French media so far. It shows explosions, shooting, collapsing buildings, and people sitting in cafes.

Battlefield 4 in French is exceedingly similar to the English version. The only difference I could spot is that the voiceover is much faster. This is because back in 1893 France decided not to go with daylight savings time but, instead, to simply make their day faster. It doesn’t solve the issue of longer summer days but it does mean they get a lot more done. Or at least appear to. I mean, they say so much in such a short space of time, how could they not be more productive than other nations?

The frequent barrage of Battlefield 4 footage is frustratingly shallow in content. I want to see more unbroken playthrough footage. Too much of the footage is building’s collapsing and cars exploding. I want to see how much work it will take to collapse a building, not simply see the effect. Hopefully, as we approach its 25 October release date, EA and DICE will provide a more in-depth look at their game.