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Battlefield 4 update prevents players from respawning

Battlefield 4 dice ea

Dice updated their servers last night with patch r20. The update seems to have been not entirely up to scratch as since it went live players have complained of no longer being able to respawn, having the score HUD disappear into the ether, and crashes to desktop.

Go team.

“So all of a sudden I am unable to deploy.,” writes Scarystuff. “Well I think I am deploying as I can see myself on the little camera and I have the green triangle on the map, but I am still on the deploy screen and can’t join the action. Is this an r20 bug?

“I got my game host to put r19 on our server again until DICE gets their shit together. So tired of being a beta tester for DICE without pay!”

Players noticed other issues, too:

“If you manage to spawn, chances are that when you die you’ll get stuck on the death screen,” said Losimagic.

And ALDI_nord replied “and after getting stuck on the death screen: Battlefield.exe stopped working”.

How did the Battlefield Twitter account respond to the news?

Hmm, and the DICE Twitter account?

Some users have found that reinstalling Punkbuster solves the problems so, if you’re suffering, that should be your first port of call.

Cheers, MP1st.