Battlefield: Armored Kill to feature AC130 and associated explodo-death


Teased in the Battlefield Premium trailer, DICE have let slip that Armored Kill, the second DLC for Battlefield 3 due out in September, is going to contain an AC130, the detached killer that rains down several different brands of devastatingly effective and completely unsettling hurt on anything underneath it that has the audacity to be bright white against a grey background. It’s a horrible big plane, made famous by that level in Call of Duty 4, and it’s been coveted ever since.

The news comes along with a triplet of screens, all showing the three stages of any AC130 feature, starting with the slowly circling monster gliding far above the battlefield, guns sticking out of it like prongs out of a landmine, before you go into the disturbingly videogamey view of the gunner, where everything is heads-up-displays and pixelated figures running hilariously around like headless ants. And then the inevitable explosions.

So far, all of the Battlefield DLCs have been multiplayer affairs, and it’s unlikely that DICE is going to change things up any time soon, which means that the AC130 is going to, in all probability, show up on one of the new maps, letting you blow up both friends and strangers from a very far distance away. Which I’m sure everyone is going to love, because who doesn’t enjoy having huge explosive rounds rained on them from far above?

The rest of the DLC is looking to be very vehicle focused, and very big-maps focused, which is convenient as vehicles love big maps. It’s a shap contrast to the upcoming DLC, Close Quarters, which is all about being in the near vicinity of the people you’re trying to shoot. They’re pretty good at titles, DICE. That’s due out this month, meaning you’ve got just over two months of that to enjoy before everything explodes from above once Armoured Kill hits.