DICE celebrates Battlefield 3: Armored Kill launch with Double XP Weekend


Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is here. It’s a thing that can be played right now. Well, if you have a subscription to premium that is. As a further twist of the knife to the people who haven’t got access yet, Premium players also have a double XP weekend to play around the new maps with.

The event kicks off on Saturdayat 8pm EST, 1am in blighty, and runs for 48 hours.

You could always pick up a copy of premium now, you’ll need a copy of Battlefield 3 and £40 but it gets you early access to all the DLC content (currently Armored Kill) and a multitude of other goodies. Or, if you don’t yet own a copy – and yethave read this far into a post which is fairly Battlefield specific – then you could always buy the new premium edition of the game, which is the vanilla game bundled with all them extras.