EA talk Battlefield 4 and tech investment: “our next-gen software is nothing short of astonishing”

Battlefield 3

What we thought might be a pre-echo of a Battlefield 4 announcement at last night’s slightly clunky PS4 curtain-pull ended in a no-show – and yet the echo chamber grows ever louder. Step up EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, who’s come to tell us that transition is EA’s “friend”, and next-gen games like Battlefield 4 the beneficiaries of its fruitful console chumminess.

Thanks to investment in the new consoles, EA’s next-gen software – and namely Battlefield – is “nothing short of astonishing”.

“At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak at Battlefield 4,” wrote Gibeau. “The game received a huge ovation and thousands of fans reacted to a single enthusiastic Tweet by GameStop’s CEO.”

“Console transitions are a complex and challenging experience,” he continued. “I’ve helped navigate several and agree with an old saying we have at EA: Transition is our friend. All the trend lines are converging to reward the creative and financial investments we have made in mobile and console technology. We have never been more ready or more excited about what comes next.”

Consoles, shmonsoles, you say. And yet the PS4 reveal impacts PC gamers too. Technical investment in a cross-platform Battlefield 4 might just bethe first real evidence of that.

What would you like to see expanded, upgraded or stretched into uncanny proportionsin the nextBattlefield?