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EA shows off a giant Battlefield 4 trailer, a whole 17 minutes and 13 seconds of exploding


EA have finally revealed Battlefield 4, which will have Bonnie Tyler sing at the beginning and end of it. They unveiled their kablammo shooter military sequel by showing everybody a 17 minute long cut of the single player campaign at this year’s Games Disco Central in San Francisco.

Luckily for us, they then fired that 17 minute video into YouTube’s guts and screamed something in military language like “tango my flanks” or “oscar mike all down my legs”, which means it’s available online for you to see right now, Bonnie Tyler, seagulls and all! Would you like to see it? Here it is! 

It’s extremely pretty, this game about shooting foreigners. Multiplayer’s nowhere to be seen, unless you start inferring things from the landscapes and vehicles and weapons shown, but otherwise Battlefield 4 is an expected return to the bombastic, exciting, take you by the hand and jump off a cliff sort of whizzo FPS we’ve all come to know, accept and love.

This drowning-to-Bonnie extravaganza is just the sort of eyeball-arresting cinema EA wished to articulate right now, so expect more meat to slide out of their marketing chute in the due course of time.