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More Battlefield 4 tidbits hit: Commanders on tablets, counterable melee attacks


More footage from the E3 livestream have been uploaded onto the Battlefield YouTube channel, in which DICE CEO Karl Magnus Troedsson explains the design decisions behind the latest iteration of the colossal shooter. 

It’s a sixteen minute video so there’s plenty to take in, but there are a few main takeaway points. The Commander mode will be played by a player that will be off-map, meaning they have no physical presence in the game. In Commander Mode’s previous incarnation in Battlefield 2, the Commander would be a player in the game and could be shot at and killed, so to perform their duties well they had to go and hide. Now without the worry of being found and stabbed to death, the Commander can focus on the strategy. Troedsson envisions LAN-like situations with a few players in one room, with some people playing on PCs as soldiers, and a final player sitting behind them using a tablet as the Commander. By having their soldier capture different points, the commander will unlock new abilities to use.

The tablet Commander Mode will function almost identical to the desktop version, meaning you can still play BF4 on the bus. The main advantage of playing the role on PC will be that you can see live feeds from your soldiers on the ground, something that is not possible on the tablet version due to bandwidth issues.

Melee encounters are going to be changed up for Battlefield 4, with the ability to counter assailants and prevent them from stealing your dogtags. Provided you are attacked from the front, you’ll have a short window of opportunity to prevent an enemy player from lodging a blade in your check, presumably by sticking your knife in their throat first.

Suppression has been changed up, with the focus now being on LMG support gunners offering suppressing fire rather than rifle and close quarters classes.

Battlefield 4 hits the PC in October.

Thanks, VG247