Origin Back to School sale teases those returning to education


Summer’s ending. The long months of unallotted time which young people have been using to play games, games, and more games have come to an end. Sickening isn’t it? That freedom the young have. EA agree. In what I assume is a flipping the bird to the fresh-faced once, they’ve slashed the prices of their catalogue just as the youths’ time to play comes to an end.

Yes. Mass Effect 3, a game you’d need at least 15 hours of time unbroken by homework and school to complete has been slashed by 50%, to only £7.50. WARP, a violent puzzle game so fiendishly logical that you would need a state ofserenity only achievable after hours of concentrationin a bedroom warmed by the mid-summer sun, has been cut to just £4. Yup all that and more (and some football games for the sorts of folk who like that kind of thing) can be found in the Origin store.

Also of note is a knockdown price on The Secret World. You can get in on what our fair Dan Griliopoulos raves about as one of the best MMOs in years for just £20. (Though, if you don’t mind the shady looking storefront, it’s even cheaper here).My own sweetheart, Battlefield 3, is on offer for £20 and you can get the unlock shortcut for £12.50 – all the games unlocks handed over to your off the bat. Though it actually works out better to wait on the Premium edition that’s being rolled out. (Which you can buy for £28 here).

Also, don’t forget Green Man Gaming are having a sale too.

Buy, buy, buy. Study, study, study.