See Battlefield: Bad Company 2 modded to within an inch of its life


It took nearly three years, but thanks to a commendably belligerent community Bad Company 2 is finally becoming the modding haven it could have always been if DICE weren’t so, y’know, DICE.

Modder NoFaTe and a dedicated residual community at Emulator Nexus have spent the last two years reverse engineering BC2, enabling breakthroughs in editing server files, map layouts, vehicle handling and weapon multipliers – enough to change the very fundaments of the game. Check out the results, dubbed NexusBF, beyond the break.

Some inventive tweaks to rocket physics are what’s most notable in the below video, but there’s also modified chopper handling and a reshaped map at work:

Beta is currently winding up on NoFaTe’s mod, which can be downloaded here.

A wafer-thin .dll is all you’ll need to access modified servers, but setting up one of the things will take a little more work. The software doesn’t directly modify the game’s files, but rather enables a simulation via Windows or Linux-based servers, or something.

Still, a modded Battlefield has to be worth the effort, hasn’t it?