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Spectate Battlefield 4’s Spectator Mode


Daniel Matros, producer at DICE on Battlefield 4, has been showing off the game’s newly improved spectator mode on the Battlefield YouTube channel. 

The video sees Matros narrate some of the improvements DICE have made to the game’s Spectator mode to ensure the system better serves the community than Battlefield 3’s version. The new system offers a HUD that details players’ loadouts and accessories to allow spectators a deeper understanding of the battle. Tools on offer with be the ability to watch the match from 1st or 3rd person views, the use of five different ‘free’ cameras, and the ability to utilise a picture-in-picture mode with the overview Commander mode map whilst displaying a smaller feed from the battlefield itself. The spectator camera will be live at all times with no delay between the actual action and people viewing it. Designed with the community in mind, Matros explains in the video that the new Spectator Mode will work towards making online streams better.

The footage shown is from a pre-alpha build, but expect to see something along these lines in the game when it releases on the 29th October.