desktop app open beta has begun. Launch all your Blizzard games from one place


Blizzard’s unified desktop app is now in open beta. No longer must you launch each Blizzard game separately like a peasant. Instead you may adopt the royal we and start any of Blizzard’s games from a single launcher.

It’s still technically in beta but you can install it today.

The main plus of the launcher is that you can sign into that once and it will log you into World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2 without you needing to re-enter your details when those games launch. The app is also set up to integrate Hearthstone when that launches.

Other pluses of the software are that it will download updates for all your Blizzard games while it’s running in the background.

You won’t need to redownload the app when the beta ends. Wizards will update it into the full official version.

Get the app from here.