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Grab a free Zebra mount for new MOBA battle royale game Battlerite Royale!

Battlerite Royale is now available on Steam Early Access but don't go in empty-handed as we have Zebra mounts up for grabs

Battlerite Royale

There’s been a huge number of battle royale games released since PUBG rose to fame and took the genre with it into the stratosphere. We’ve got used to those heights being the place that we drop from – either by plane, Battle Bus, or some other flying contraption – parachuting down onto an island map where mass murder awaits. But if you look into the skies of Battlerite Royale you’ll see an unusual sight snaking around between the clouds.

Imagine a long blue wolf flying around, complete with feathers and wings, its passengers sat upon its lengthy back. This wyvern is the first sign that Battlerite Royale is doing something different with the battle royale formula. If you’re familiar with its base game, Battlerite, then you should be able to have a good go at guessing what it’s most distinctive alteration is. Yep, this is a MOBA battle royale. What does that mean and how does it play out? That’s for you to find out as Battlerite Royale is available on Steam Early Access as of September 26.

Alright, we can tell you a little bit about it, as we have played it and have some Battlerite Royale impressions worth reading up on, after all. You head into each 20-player match with everyone having selected a Champion with a certain playstyle. It’s very MOBA-like to have Champions with their own abilities. But this is a game all about skillshots – much like other battle royales – and you’ll be fighting to survive as the Death Vortex closes in.

Also like a battle royale, Battlerite Royale’s map is huge and scattered across it our weapons. Not guns, but mystery potions, meteor spells, turrets, and bear traps. You can even climb into barrels and use them as a disguise to get the jump on an unsuspecting enemy. Perhaps best of all is that you can play Battlerite Royale with friends – joining up into squads – but the solo play option is there if you want it too.

If the game sounds like something you want to give a go then, as said, Battlerite Royale is available to buy. But let’s not have you head into it empty-handed. We have 10,000 codes that will unlock a special Mountain Zebra mount – very handy for getting around the map.

The first 5,000 codes are available below on a first come first served basis. Once they run out, there’s a second batch that will be given away as a competition. All you need to do is enter the competition via the widget below (the second one) – and you can enter multiple times to increase your chances of winning.

Battlerite Royale zebra mount reward

To redeem you code just follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Steam Client and log into your account
  • Click on the GAMES MENU
  • Choose ‘activate a product’ on Steam
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Battlerite Royale Zebra mount giveaway

We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code upon winning – we won’t send you spam, we promise. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

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