Paradox will be publishing Battletech, adding their weight to the crowdfunded $2.7 million


Harebrained Schemes’ mech RTS Battletech will not be going it alone. Paradox, who haven’t met a strategy game they didn’t want to throw money at, will be publishing. The move was announced today during the PDXCon press conference, along with the new trailer available above.

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Battletech is a Kickstarter success story, having made $2,785,537 on the platform in November 2015. Harebrained, hot off bringing back Shadowrun as a great RPG, have been keeping the community updated with their progress ever since.

During the conference, Harebrained CEO Jordan Weisman took to the stage to explain more about the game. “Battletech is a return to the roots of the franchise. We haven’t actually gone back to the roots, which is a turn-based, squad tactical game.”

He made it clear that they’re staying true to the lore of the series that has been going for decades now. “One of the things you’ve maybe seen in our Shadowrun games is that we really want to treat them well. Even though I created them a long time ago they’ve become shared property, and we want to respect that.”

He also made it clear you won’t need to have played every previous MechWarrior or Battletech game to enjoy this – it will be easy to sink into with a lot of strategic depth.