Battlezone 98 Redux brings China into the fold with The Red Odyssey expansion

Battlezone 98 Redux Red Odyssey

The updated and refined version of Battlezone 98 is getting its first expansion with The Red Odyssey. In fact it’s out right now, adding a pair of new campaigns with lots of extra buildings and units to play with. It also comes with a free update to the base game adding some new multiplayer maps.

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Here’s the trailer:

The expansion was released for the original version of the game back in February 1999. It’s now been updated in a similar fashion, buffing everything from lighting to models in an effort to bring it a little more up to standard with this millennium. A pair of new factions arrive, being the Chinese Red Army while the NSDF Black Dogs face off against them to “control powerful portal technology.” That’s where the two new campaigns come in.

To get it head over to Steam or GOG, where it’s $9.99 / £6.99 if you own the base game, or $24.99 / £18.99 as a package with it. There’s a 15% launch discount running until the end of July.