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Battlezone 2 is getting remastered with modern online play and mod support

battlezone 2 combat commander remaster

Battlezone 98 got a sudden remaster last year with the release of Redux, bringing the shooter meets strategy hybrid to life for a new generation of players. Now Battlezone II: Combat Commander is getting the same treatment, prettying up the visuals while adding some notable new features to keep things feeling modern.

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The remastered visuals run in a new DirectX 11 renderer, and terrain has been upscaled and retextured. The new edition will include online multiplayer full compatible with players on both Steam and GOG, along with modern accoutrements like achievements and Steam cloud saves. Plus there’ll be full mod support, with opportunities for new missions, multiplayer maps, vehicles, UI, and more.

As with the original game, the campaign features 24 missions across six different world, letting you lead 30 different types of units into battle as you strategize to build armies, construct bases and set up defenses. You’ll hop into the action yourself in customizable war machines ranging from tanks to walking mechs for first-person combat.

Simply titled Battlezone: Combat Commander, the remaster will release on Steam and GOG in 2018. You can check out a preview of the action through a closed beta, which you can keep tabs on by signing up for the official newsletter.