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Become a heist-meister in Payday 2’s pre-order Steam beta


Are you a card-carrying career criminal? As with any profession, I imagine you’re feeling the squeeze at the moment. Purses aren’t as full as they were. Perhaps a trusted fence has filed for bankrobber-ruptcy. Well, Overkill Software have noticed, and have decided to allow owners of Payday 2’s Career Criminal Edition into the game early via a Steam beta.

The co-op cop-killer’s surprising variety of scenarios have been opened up to pre-orderers like maybe a bank vault would. The new Payday offers everything from museum break-ins and “big league cyber-crime” to the very convenience store hold-ups that Tim Roth warned against in Pulp Fiction.

Even if you think you know the series already, check our Steve’s Payday 2 preview for a briefing on the randomised missions, sharp suits and vanishing bins that have turned this relatively straightforward Left 4 Dead clone into a Mann-moment-a-minute shooter that’s every bit its own game.

Payday is released for PC on August 13. Will you be casing its joint before then?