Bedlam Kickstarter ends in success. Bring on the vomiting mutants and cyborgs

bedlam kickstarter success

Skyshine Games’ just wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, netting itself $166,540 to develop their roguelike RPG, Bedlam.

Reading through the details on their Kickstarter page, Bedlam sounds a little like the mechanics of Final Fantasy wrapped up in the clothes of Judge Dredd.

It sounds grokking excellent.

Jeremy went into more detail about how Bedlam works earlier in the campaign and you can get even more details on Bedlam’s Kickstarter page.

Skyshine originally asked for $130,000 to make their RPG. They already had access to the engine Stoic made for The Banner Saga, so the rest of the funds were to sustain the team while they developed the game. According the press release Skyshine sent us, those extra $36,000 will go to “better audio and music, epic dungeon crawls and a Bedlam Boss Battle!”

While the campaign’s come to an end the team will be setting up new ways to fund Bedlam’s development through their site. Those funds will add towards the stretch goals Skyshine didn’t manage to fund – things like a larger world and a playable cyborg faction.

The team plan on releasing Bedlam through Steam Early Access in Summer 2015.