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Legendary physics sandbox game gets player bump alongside big discount

Besiege, a sandbox game with Just Cause 3 and Teardown style destruction, has launched its Splintered Sea expansion and received a discount.

Legendary physics sandbox game gets player bump alongside big discount: A floating trebuchet launches a spiked cannonball at a firey tower, from Besiege.

There’s an entire subgenre of sandbox games where the greatest enjoyment you can have, whether it’s the main objective or not, is destroying things. Red Faction Guerilla, say, or Teardown; the collapsing buildings of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5; the matchstick towns and super combustible vehicles of Just Cause 2, Just Cause 3, and Just Cause 4 — each one of these games stands out for how satisfying it is to watch structures fall apart in spectacular ways. They’re also in good company with Besiege, a 2020 building game that’s been receiving renewed attention thanks to the launch of a big expansion and an ongoing Steam discount.

Besiege‘s recent The Splintered Sea expansion takes the sandbox game into a watery new realm. It includes a new campaign with 10 levels, adds in eight blocks to further customize the machines players can build, and, most importantly, offers up a new sandbox with detailed water physics, perfect for building and destroying various aquatic creations.

Legendary physics sandbox game gets player bump alongside big discount: A screenshot of Besiege's Steam player count.

As a result of its current discount and The Splintered Sea’s launch, Besiege has been doing better on Steam than it has in quite a while. On Thursday May 23, for example, the game peaked at 396 active players. After The Splintered Sea’s Friday launch, Besiege saw a surge of new activity, reaching a 2,234 concurrent player peak and, at the time of writing, seeing 1,500 players in game.

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Besiege is discounted by 75% from now until June 2 on Steam, making it $3.74 USD / £3.19 while its The Splintered Sea DLC is 10% off, bringing its price down to $8.09 USD / £7.19. Besiege Seafarer Edition, which bundles the base game and expansion together, is also 58% off, or $10.06 USD / £8.82. Pick up any of these editions of the game right here.

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